Upcoming Events:

Past Events:

Easter 2023 2023-04-06

Happy Easter!

Blue Mountain Ski Trip 2023 2023-03-03

The Erindale Academy March Ski Trip. Snow. Friends. Canada.

Student Leadership Clubs 2023-02-10

Chance to learn from experienced leaders and gain valuable mentorship.

Chinese New Year Party 2023-01-20

Ringing in the New Year with Laughter and Cheers!

Friday Fest 2023-01-13

Get together, Social, Play sport, BBQ and More!!!

Halloween Day 2022-10-28

Horror movie, pumpkin carving, Dinner and More!

Thanksgiving 2022 2022-10-07

Get together, Social, Play Sport, BBQ and MORE!!!

Cross Country Meet 2022-10-06

An excellent opportunity for students to make new friends!

Terry Fox Run 2022 2022-09-18

Let us gather to commemorate and participate in the inspiring 2022 Terry Fox Run!

Friday Fest 2022-08-16

Get together, Social, Play Sport, BBQ and MORE!!!

Music Festival 2022-08-12

An evening of jazz and blues music with Queen Pepper.

Graduaion 2022 2022-06-10

Congratulations to the Class of 2022! Go forth and change the world!