Student Code of Conduct

The Erindale Academy’s code of conduct was developed to emphasize its values and to promote a positive environment of learning and teaching. We strive to provide a place where students feel free and safe to express their own ideas and to engage in meaningful discussion with others. In addition, our school rules ensure that each student is held responsible for their actions and that they remain motivated in their learning.

Code of Conduct:

  1. Students are to treat others, including other students, faculty, and staff, with respect and consideration. Students are expected to report to a teacher or the staff when there is a conflict that cannot be resolved peacefully.
  2. Students are to respect school property, including textbooks and all facilities. Defacing school property will result in serious consequences including suspension and/or expulsion.
  3. Students are expected to be punctual and prepared for class when they arrive. Those who arrive to class 30 minutes late, return 15 minutes late from lunch, or leave 30 minutes early (without approval from Principal) will be marked absent.
  4. Students are expected to attend class every day, unless given permission to do otherwise. Students who are absent without reason once will be not be allowed to take the final exam.
  5. Appropriate and acceptable language must be used at all times. Any use of profanities or display of offensive and/or illegal materials will result in an academic write up or suspension. Repeat offences will result in expulsion.
  6. Students are expected to inform teachers and staff of an unsafe individual, behavior, or situation.
  7. Students MUST wear their school uniforms every day of school. Students are expected to cover their body so as not to expose underwear, cleavage, midriff, or buttocks.
  8. Students are prohibited from using cell phones and tablets unless approved by their teacher. Teachers will use their discretion when approving cell phone use in class.