Dress Code and Uniform

The Erindale Academy’s compulsory uniform is intended to instill a sense of pride, community, and self-discipline in our students. By attending TEA, students have made a commitment to comply with our school uniform policy and all students are responsible for wearing their uniforms properly. Students who do not follow our uniform policy and do not wear their uniforms when attending class and other school events will not be allowed to participate or receive attendance marks. Students are not allowed to alter their uniforms in any way unless approved by the Principal.

Each student at TEA is required to wear a uniform on a daily basis when attending class.

Girls will wear:

  • The Erindale Academy blue cardigan
  • Plaid skirt with black stockings or dress pants
  • White oxford shirt
  • Black dress shoes

Boys will wear:

  • The Erindale Academy blue pullover sweater
  • Black dress pants with belt
  • White oxford shirt
  • Black dress shoes

Variations, such as wearing the TEA polo shirt during the summer, will be allowed. All uniforms can be purchased from TEA, with the exceptions of dress shoes, belt, black stockings, and dress pants for girls which must be purchased by the student elsewhere.