Friday Fest

Get ready for the ultimate Friday party experience at The Erindale Academy! Mingle with new and old friends and make unforgettable memories. With music, games, and plenty of food and drinks, you won't want to miss this fun-filled day of celebration. So grab your squad and head over to our Friday Fest party - the perfect way to kick off the weekend in style!.

Friday Fest Events:

Blue Mountain Ski Trip 2023 2023-03-03

The Erindale Academy March Ski Trip. Snow. Friends. Canada.

Student Leadership Clubs 2023-02-10

Chance to learn from experienced leaders and gain valuable mentorship.

Chinese New Year Party 2023-01-20

Ringing in the New Year with Laughter and Cheers!

Friday Fest 2023-01-13

Get together, Social, Play sport, BBQ and More!!!

Friday Fest 2022-08-16

Get together, Social, Play Sport, BBQ and MORE!!!

Music Festival 2022-08-12

An evening of jazz and blues music with Queen Pepper.