Our dedicated Recruitment Team at The Erindale Academy (TEA) is committed to identifying and enrolling exceptional students who will thrive in our dynamic learning environment. With a deep understanding of our school's values and mission, our team works tirelessly to connect with prospective students and their families, guiding them through every step of the admissions process.

Jack Knyziak, Director, Business Development

Jack Knyziak studied at Lancaster University in the UK and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. His interests span business, technology, and education. Passionate about exploring different cultures, Jack has traveled extensively throughout Europe, Latin America, China, and Southeast Asia. He is fluent in English and Polish and has some working knowledge of Spanish and Chinese.

Jack is an avid sports enthusiast, with a particular fondness for soccer, which he prefers to call football.

Anton Ton, Director of Recruitment

Anton Ton boasts a wealth of expertise spanning over two decades of experience in ESL teaching, Administration, and International Education. Anton holds a Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics from Curtin University (Australia) and a Master of Education in Administration and Leadership from Brock University (Canada). Fluent in both English and Vietnamese, Anton plays a pivotal role at TEA as a distinguished school counselor, strategic student advisor, and accomplished marketing specialist. Committed to providing comprehensive support, he guides our students in their academic pursuits and personal achievements. Notably, Anton is a Regulated International Student Immigration Advisor (RISIA), ensuring adherence to compliance and regulatory standards in international student affairs. His expertise contributes significantly to TEA's commitment to excellence in education and student success.

Nancy Ping, Manager of Recruitment

Nancy graduated from the University of Toronto, Canada with a Bachelor of Arts, specializing in studio arts and art history. She was a high school graduate of Toronto Central Academy. As an international student, Nancy understands firsthand what it is like to transition from one educational system and culture to another. Therefore, she is a strong support to our students who are making the transition to Canada. She is a well-known young artist in Toronto whose works won various awards in Ontario Art Exhibitions.