TEA offers several different housing options for students who are living away from home. All of our living spaces are safe and within a reasonable distance from campus. Located near-by our student housing are an incredible number of amenities and facilities that will enable our students to get the most out of their education at The Erindale Academy. For example, the University of Toronto Mississauga Campus is just a few minutes away by foot from our campus. There, our students can use their athletic facilities, libraries, and greatly benefit from their conductive learning environment.

Campus Boarding
For students who wish to live on campus, The Erindale Academy offers a limited number of on campus boarding options.

There are many advantages to living on campus. TEA’s school campus is surrounded by many amenities, such as libraries, athletic facilities, and parks, and is a perfect location for students to study without distraction. It is also an opportunity for students to make friends and form life long friendships, while learning to be independent. Due to demand and limited space, students are encouraged to apply early if they wish to live on campus.

Off-Campus Boarding
Also available at TEA are off-campus boarding options. These dormitory style living units are within condos located walking distance from the TEA campus. To ensure student safety, all students are paired up with another student and visits by TEA staff are conducted regularly.

TEA also offers students the opportunity to take part in a home-stay program where they will live with a local family near the school. Home-stay is an excellent opportunity for students who wish to improve their English and learn more about local culture.

All home-stay families are rigorously vetted by TEA to ensure our students’ safety and comfort during their studies.

If you would like to provide home-stay service to our students, please fill out this application form