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Have you ever hosted an international student in your home?
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How many students do you wish to accommodate at one time?
Do you prefer a male or female student?
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Would you host young student(12 to 20 years old)?
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Can you provide transportation to and from the school?
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Do you smoke or do other occupants in your home smoke?
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Do you have a designated smoking area?
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Do you have laundry facilities?
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What kind of home do you have?(please circle):
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What kind of food style do you cook?
Can you provide three meals each day?(Note that the noon meal will be a box lunch on Monday through Friday.)
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Do you provide fruit for each meal?
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If so desired, can the student have use of your kitchen area?
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Do you have children living at home?
If yes, How many?
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Do you have pets?
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Are students allowed to have pets?
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What group interests/activities are those in your household involved in?
What kind of activities would you include the student in?
What type of internet is available in your home?
Wired Wireless
From what country would you like to host a student?
Middle East
South America
North America
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Number of window in the room?
Where is the room located?
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How many people share the bathroom?(including the student)
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How much per month is your homestay service for this room?
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